Tecnica's New Ski Boots Controlled By SmartPhone (Integrated Thermic Heat System)

Tecnica's New Ski Boots Controlled By SmartPhone (Integrated Thermic Heat System)


Tecnica's New Ski Boots Controlled By SmartPhone (Integrated Thermic Heat System)


What do we think of Techica’s new bluetooth smartphone operated ski boots? The Mach1 MV 95 W Heat ($699.95)is only available in women’s boots for now but if they are a hit I’m sure we see them in the men’s aisle next season. No matter if you fully embrace integrated technology in skiing or prefer a purist approach, frozen toes are day shorteners and anything that keeps us on the hill is worth a consideration. Thoughts?


The Mach1 MV 95 W Heat is designed for women who ski hard but like to maintain a high level of comfort. Both the shell and liner benefit from Tecnica’s proven “Custom Adaptive Shape” system for an individual fit. The integrated Therm-ic heating system keeps feet warm in all weathers. The integrated Lift-Lock-System is an added advantage, with large buckles that can be operated wearing gloves and are positioned at a 45° angle when open, making the boot easier to put on and take off.


Customization Liner: C.A.S.
Customization Shell: C.A.S.
Soles: ISO 5355 Bi-Material
Shell: Polyester (quick instep)
Cuff: Polyolefine
Liner: C.A.S. – W ULTRAFIT PRO, Therm-ic heating system
Buckles: 4 micro ALU Lift Lock
Spoiler: no
Powerstrap: 35mm strap
Canting: Double


“Heated ski boot liners are perfect to rekindle your love of skiing this winter, meaning there will be no excuse for you not to hit the slopes. Heated Therm-ic ski boot liners are optimised to fit most ski boot shells. Easy and practical, you can adjust the heat by simply pressing the buttons at the top of the liner. Therm-ic ski boot liners will provide warmth for up to 19 hours. They’re made with quality materials (leather), our products are highly technical, designed and readjusted by our teams of designers to meet your needs. Improve your performance and limit the risk of injury with the Therm-ic range of heated boot liners. Tested and approved by individuals and professionals on our snow-capped mountains.”

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