Heli skiing, the real way | Photo: Dirk Groeger | Cover: Kent Goldman

Every red-blooded skier wants to go heli-skiing. The idea of using a helicopter to access big-mountain terrain with unlimited powder is a no-brainer for snow-fiends.

Unfortunately, going heli-skiing isn’t as simple as jumping on a plane and heading to British Columbia or Alaska. There is a cost associated with this pow-thrashing fantasy. Not surprisingly, hiring a helicopter to fly you up to ski lines all day is really– really, expensive. As a result, most of us mortal skiers will never get the opportunity to go heli-skiing.

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Sherpas Cinema is a film production based in Whistler, BC wants to change that. Sherpas Cinema teamed up with CMH Heli-Skiing to create a virtual reality film to replicate the heli-skiing experience. The five-minute video was created to demonstrate that heli-accessed terrain isn’t always big, burly, spines, but something that everyone can enjoy.

What do you think? Is the virtual heli-skiing experience fascinating? Or is it a cruel tease because most of us will never experience the joys of getting plopped on top of a snowy mountain by a whirlybird.

Take a visit to the site here: CMH Heli Skiing