Tignes, France straight up has the coolest cables cars in the world. The new cabins, designed in Switzerland by Garaventa AG, have a small spiral metal staircase that lead to the roof where you are encouraged to Teen Wolf it for the 5 minute journey to the top of the Grand Motte glacier in Vanoise National Park.

The viewing platform opened Friday and can accommodate 20 people at a time. The Telegraph reports passengers are secured by shoulder high safety rails and transparent perspex as they soak in stunning panoramic open air views of the Alps. When the rooftop terrace is open the cable car does not operate at full speed. For that reason and obvious weather complications the terrace will be closed in the winter allowing for full speed operation (1,000 skiers per hour).

Weather dependent when they will close these down for the season, so if you’re in France make plans to be one of the first to ride asap and call ahead.

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