This is almost too dumb to comprehend but an unidentified man was filmed walking on Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone National Park on September 14. KRTV reports people yelled at him to get off the geyser and back on the boardwalk but instead the man laid down. Ashley Lemanski shot the video had this to say:

“We were absolutely terrified as we didn’t know if he was going to jump in or not. Very scary moment. We all just stood in shock watching him.”

After the man got off Old Faithful and walked towards the parking lot, a park ranger followed him and quickly apprehended the suspect:

“They had him on the ground for several minutes, first laying and then sitting, in handcuffs, and then took him to the back of the SUV cop car. He was back there for the remainder of our time at the park, about 30 minutes. We didn’t see if they drove him off or not.”

No information as to whether the man will face charges for the incident but no matter what the outcome he should consider himself lucky he didn’t get seriously injured or killed by the piping hot water that explodes from Old Faithful around 20 times a day with an average height near 130-140 feet.