Ikon Pass Adds Japan Powder Mecca, Niseko United

Ikon Pass Adds Japan Powder Mecca, Niseko United


Ikon Pass Adds Japan Powder Mecca, Niseko United


Night skiing at Grand Hirafu | Photo: Matt Varsha | Cover: Niseko United

We called it! The Ikon Pass announced this morning that they will be adding Niseko United to its pass offerings for the upcoming season. With Niseko in tow, Ikon Pass holders will be able to choose between 33 destinations across 3 continents.

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The Hokkaido ski area sees over 50+ feet of snowfall each year, making it one of the snowiest places on planet Earth. A dream ski vacation for many, Niseko can expect to see an influx of North American skiers this upcoming season.

“Japan’s mountains are a longtime bucket list destination for skiers and riders, and we are so excited to open up this part of the world to Ikon Pass holders, providing the opportunity to immerse themselves into the Japanese culture and snow.” –  Erik Forsell, Chief Marketing Officer of Alterra Mountain Company

Ikon Pass holders will receive the standardized 7 day access to Niseko while Ikon Base Pass holders will get 5 days with blackouts.

Full Release:

DENVER, CO, August 30, 2018 – Ikon Pass holders will now have access to more than 72,000 skiable acres over three continents with the addition of Niseko United, located on Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaido. Japan is home to some of the planet’s most plentiful and light snow, making Niseko United a bucket list destination for any skier and rider on the hunt for fresh powder.

Niseko United is regarded as Japan’s premier mountain destination and is comprised of four ski resorts located on one mountain – Grand Hirafu, Hanazono, Niseko Village and Annupuri. Famous for the consistency and quality of its snow, Niseko United receives 50+ feet of snowfall every winter with just 7% of water content from crystallized moisture picked up from the Sea of Japan. Multi-million-dollar investments in accommodation and infrastructure make Niseko United an excellent destination for families and powder hounds.

“We are delighted to give Ikon Pass holders the opportunity to spread their wings and immerse themselves in the deep powder of Japan’s premier destination, Niseko United,” said Colin Hackworth, President of Hanazono, Niseko Japan. “The Ikon Pass is expanding and the cultural beauty, huge winter snowfall and culinary delights of Japan await. We are truly pleased to partner with the world’s most iconic mountain destinations and to be a part of the Ikon Pass community.” 


Niseko United will offer 7 days total across its four resorts on the Ikon Pass, and 5 days total on the Ikon Base Pass with 10 blackout dates (Dec. 26-31, 2018; Jan. 19-20, 2019; Feb. 16-17, 2019).

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