There’s a lot to break down about the following video. 1st and foremost– WHAT A LAME ASS SPRAY.

Which leads us to number our 2nd favorite thing about this video. The victim of the spray chases the culprit who proceeds to throw the same 360 on 3 different jumps in the park on slalom skis during his escape. The GoPro wearing man then catches the sprayer at the bottom of the park.

And now for our 3rd favorite part– the kid is wearing a ‘make skiing great again hat.’

After the verbal confrontation he tries to head to the chair and leave all this trouble behind him

Then the chairlift getaway is foiled by the guy “who’s been skiing a lot longer than you” and a ski patroller. But right when you think the jig is up, he bolts and gets away scot free.


*Video courtesy of Greg Berger