Image + Cover Image: Timberline Lodge, OR

While most people look forward to drinking beer, swimming and barbecuing over the Labor Day weekend, ski bums rejoice, because there are still places open in North America to rip turns over this holiday weekend. Although the available terrain may be limited and the temperatures might not be idyllic, why not extend your season into September? Here are the last few places still holding out, for all of us die hard ski bums that just need to go rip.  

Timberline Lodge, OR

For lift-served skiing through September 3rd, the Timberline Lodge in Oregon is often the last ski resort open in America each season.  What better way to enjoy the holiday weekend, than burning turns down the Palmer snow field in temperatures hovering around 60 degrees. The snow may not be as great at the height of winter, however if you’re anywhere near the Portland or Mt. Hood area, skiing in September is too unique of an opportunity to pass up.   

St. Mary’s Glacier, Colorado

If you live in the Denver metro area you likely have heard of the popular St. Mary’s Glacier near Idaho Springs, CO. A famous place to earn summer turns, the short 1 mile hike to the base of the glacier accesses you to a small snow field, along with glorious views of the lake and surrounding basin. The snow may be riddled with sun cups by September, but the beautiful hike and time spent with friends makes for an experience you will happily remember.  

Liberty Snowflex, Virginia

If you just want to ski no matter what the surface is, Liberty Snowflex in Lynchburg, VA, has you covered even in September. The surface at Liberty may not be snow, but the chance to get back on skis or a snowboard this late in the summer, is a welcome change for those of us that just can’t wait until winter. For those longing to slide boxes and hit jumps without leaving the country, heading to Virginia might just be your perfect Labor Day weekend vacation after all.