Sun Valley Will Have A New Chairlift, 380 More Acres By 2019

Sun Valley Will Have A New Chairlift, 380 More Acres By 2019

Sun Valley

Sun Valley Will Have A New Chairlift, 380 More Acres By 2019


Sun Valley is replacing its oldest chairlift (*Cold Springs #4) with a high-speed, detachable quad while also adding some 380 skiable acres to the resort’s domain.

Dubbed the Cold Springs Canyon Project, the project will also amplify current snow making capabilities. The project is slated to reach final completion prior to the 2019/2020 winter season. The terrain expansion will include “extensive tree skiing” opportunities in what is currently known as Turkey Bowl.

CoLd Springs Canyon Project Highlights:

Replacement of the Cold Springs (#4) Chairlift

The main purpose of the project is the replacement of the Cold Springs (#4) chairlift, the oldest lift still operating at the resort.

  • The new chairlift will be a detachable lift with a vertical rise of 1,525 feet and be 5,500 feet long.
  • It will be a six-minute ride from the bottom of the lift terminal to The Roundhouse.
  • Lower Broadway (similar width and gradient as existing ski run) will be extended approximately 3,400 feet to the new lift lower terminal.

Increased Skiable Terrain

  • Skiable acreage within the Sun Valley Resort boundary will increase more than 20% from 2,054 acres to 2,434 acres (380 acres) when the project is completed.
  • Access from the top of Seattle Ridge, where skiers and riders may descend into “Turkey Bowl,” then proceed north for access to extensive tree skiing.

Increased Snowmaking

  • Snowmaking is being extended down Lower Broadway to the base of the new Cold Springs lift terminal with 18 additional snowmaking guns.

Rerouted and Improved Cold Springs Mountain Bike Trail

  • The Cold Springs mountain bike trail was rerouted and improved in July 2018 with more singletrack and shaded riding.


Summer 2017

  • Field work began with an environmental assessment.

Summer 2018

  • The re-routing and re-construction of the Cold Springs mountain bike – completed in July.
  • Grading and site preparation in the Cold Springs Canyon project area.
  • Timber work on eight acres in the Lower Broadway area
  • Survey profile of lift

Winter 2018-19

  • “Experience Cold Springs Canyon” guided tours of the Cold Springs Canyon area.

Spring 2019

  • Utility and lift terminal preparations

Summer 2019

  • New lift construction
  • Snowmaking installed
  • Ski area boundary modifications
  • Tree glading in Cold Springs chutes east

Winter 2019-20

  • The Cold Springs area is open with new high-speed chairlift, expanded terrain, and additional snowmaking.

Find out more here: Cold Springs Canyon Project

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