Wasn’t his first time. Mugshot taken in 2013 | Photo: Umatilla County Jail

A couple days ago I was wondering where all the dumb Yellowstone tourists went. Well ask and you shall receive.

On Thursday, 55 year-old Raymond Reinke was caught tormenting a Bison on camera. The footage, taken by a innocent bystander, shows Reinke puffing up his chest and taunting the animal. He narrowly escapes the Bison’s horns but it turns out the suspect wasn’t so slippery for authorities in Glacier National Park. He was arrested the next day at the Many Glacier Lodge while (*you guessed it) creating a disturbance in the hotel dining room

A warrant was issued for Reinke after reports of the Bison encounter and it turns out he’s got a rap sheet. A big one. 

Prior to his arrest, he apparently got into a confrontation with authorities in Grand Teton National Park prior to the Bison showdown and was arrested on drunk and disorderly conduct. He was released on bail from the Teton County jail.

The next day he was pulled over and cited for not wearing a seatbelt. He was reportedly drunk during that encounter and “argumentative.” It was following that second run in with the law, he decided to take on the Bison headfirst.

Reinke has since been transferred back to Yellowstone’s Mammoth Hot Springs where he appeared in court earlier today.

Find the entire Glacier National Park press release here: Suspect in Yellowstone Bison Incident Arrested in Glacier National Park