“When I describe the area to new people I always play it down a bit. I don’t want them to move here. The first thing I say is you’d be surprised by the scale of it. It could easily be in Canada or the Alps.” -Rachel Atherton

When you think of Wales your thoughts might not jump to fertile mountain biking territory but this video published on Trek Bikes youtube page my eyes to incredible terrain available in the Dyfi Valley and has me looking into flights. Read more HERE.

“Hidden amongst the rolling Welsh countryside is the sleepy town of Machynlleth. The town, built upon traditions stretching back centuries, was the ancient capital of Wales. But nestled in the Dyfi valley, a hilly and wild forested terrain, Machynlleth found itself inconveniently situated for the growth of modern industry. 

A few years ago, enterprising trail builders began reshaping the unkempt terrain, bringing with them a completely unexpected and decidedly twenty-first century industry: mountain biking. One of these trail builders, Dan Atherton, brought along his sister, Rachel, who immediately fell in love with the area. She decided to stay. And then won two consecutive world mountain bike championships.”

images from rachybox ig

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