Areas You Can Still Afford To Be A Season Passholder

Areas You Can Still Afford To Be A Season Passholder


Areas You Can Still Afford To Be A Season Passholder


Image: Silverton, CO | Cover Photo: Lookout Pass

With all the turnover in ski area ownership, season passes seem to run the gamut of prices. Although some companies have been successful at  providing relatively inexpensive passes for multiple resorts there are still independent ski areas that offer impressive deals. For all of us that are beyond student age or not old enough for a senior discount, it seems harder to find inexpensive opportunities to ski. Next season you could be skiing for just a couple bucks a day with some of these great deals.

Lookout Pass from Official Facebook page.

Lookout Pass: Adult (18-61) $239. The price of two-day tickets at some ski resorts will get you a season pass for Lookout Pass ski area on the Idaho-Montana border. Situated right off I-90, Lookout is known for powder skiing and operates 110+ days a year. Add in all the bonus dates you get for resorts across the Western United States and the season pass is a no brainer.   

Image: Silverton

Silverton Mountain: Spring Unguided Pass $149: Offering some of the most dramatic terrain in the industry Silverton is not for the faint of heart. This season brings an unbeatable low price spring pass to the expert only mountain. Valid the end of March through Mid-April the Silverton season pass is also stacked with deals on heli-skiing, beer and ski guiding. If it wasn’t a good enough deal already the pass also includes 42 free days at partner resorts across the country.

Mount Bohemia: $99 (When purchased specific dates, $340 otherwise). Possibly the lowest cost season pass deal in skiing, Mount Bohemia is not to be overlooked. With serious terrain and notable snowfall, Bohemia is a unique area for the middle of the country. Max out your days on the pass and you could be skiing for less than $1 a day Don’t forget like many other season passes this one comes with bonus days at partner resorts as well.

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