5 Reasons Why Colorado Mountain Dwellers Roll Their Eyes At 'Frangers'

5 Reasons Why Colorado Mountain Dwellers Roll Their Eyes At 'Frangers'


5 Reasons Why Colorado Mountain Dwellers Roll Their Eyes At 'Frangers'


The birthplace of the Franger– Denver, CO | Photo: Emma Heirendt | Cover: BLM

They have them in Seattle, SLC, and Portland. They come from as far as San Francisco and Albuquerque to ski the slopes of Squaw and Taos. Unless you live in Wyoming or Idaho, there’s likely a city whose residents flood the base area on the weekend as if someone had sabotaged a levy.

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In Colorado, mountain dwellers call them “Frangers” and they occupy the land between Fort Collins and Colorado Springs. Every Saturday, they migrate to the mountains via I-70 in search of clean air and a ski turn or two. And while they get a lot of flack– they’re blameless in this mountain dwellers vs. flat-landers beef. That doesn’t mean we can’t poke a little fun though…

5 Reasons Why Colorado Mountain Dwellers Roll Their Eyes At ‘Frangers’

5) Denver is not a “mountain town”

Just because you can see the mountains on your commute down I-25 does not mean you live in a mountain town. Especially considering drives to/from the mountains can range anywhere from 1-5 hours on the weekends.

4) A Franger’s gear costs 5 times more than an Epic pass.

Despite only skiing the backcountry once every other season, Frangers aren’t afraid to throw down on the latest and greatest ski tech. Marker Kingpins on brand new skis– you betcha! Reuse that Patagonia kit from last season– no way!

3) They don’t carpool

After being stuffed in cubicles next to Lumberg and the Bob’s all week long, Frangers want their fair share of solitude. Even if that solitude means sitting alone in traffic on I-70, listening to podcasts for 4 hours.

2) Somehow Franger’s snag first chair only to double eject on the first run

Gotta give it to em, Frangers are resilient little bastards. Think they won’t get up at 3am to grab first chair at Vail? Wrong. They’ll snag your first chair and then proceed to host the biggest yard sale of the day.

1) Jerry is a Franger.

At the end of the day, Jerry is a Franger. No other species of human embodies the relentless desire to get in line with millions of other skiers and snowboarders not to mention their ability to get in way over their heads at Vail’s back bowls.

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