Surf Survival Lesson: Fighting The Urge To Breath

Surf Survival Lesson: Fighting The Urge To Breath


Surf Survival Lesson: Fighting The Urge To Breath


If you want to improve your surf safety you should sing up for a course with Performance Freediving International President and Founder Kirk Krack.  These boys from Oakley took part Krack’s two-day course to better prepare themselves for the type of hold-downs and life-threatening situations that go hand in hand with competitive surfing and the results are remarkable.

During the course the professional surfers expanded their safety skills learning the science of how the body is affected by a lack of oxygen and then got in the pool to put into action their live-saving education. Learning to stay submerged for upwards of four or five minutes isn’t exclusively for NAVY Seals. One of the dudes added almost four minutes his breath hold after applying what he learned in the course:

Performance Freediving International: PFI offers multifaceted educational Freediving and Breath-Hold Survival courses targeted at snorkelers, freedivers, spearfishers, surfers, special operations teams and rescue teams. Because individuals with different experience levels and different interests require different training, PFI offers a wide variety of course levels.


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