Uber Applies For Patent That Spots Drunk Passengers

Uber Applies For Patent That Spots Drunk Passengers


Uber Applies For Patent That Spots Drunk Passengers


Uber has applied for a patent to use artificial intelligence to determine how drunk potential passengers might be.

The algorithm uses information including the time of day, a passenger’s location, and even how the passenger is holding their phone to determine if they are wasted.

Uber believes that this could help drivers who do not want to pick up inebriated riders.

However, Uber does not have the best track record when it comes to collecting data. They have also suffered a data breach that exposed personal data of more than 100,000 Uber drivers.

In 2014 it was revealed the company used a software program known as God View to monitor real-time locations of customers and drivers.

Critics also point to the 31 drivers convicted of crimes including false imprisonment and rape. They believe that this new algorithm has the potential to allow drivers with nefarious motives to identify inebriated riders they could take advantage of.

In a statement, Uber said: “We are always exploring ways that our technology can help improve the Uber experience for riders and drivers.

“We file patent applications on many ideas, but not all of them actually become products or features.”

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