Aprés Cocktail Of The Month | The Spring King [Presented By TLS]

Aprés Cocktail Of The Month | The Spring King [Presented By TLS]


Aprés Cocktail Of The Month | The Spring King [Presented By TLS]


Our resident mixologist and owner of Amrita Beverages—Jessa Talermo—is back with a another specialty cocktail! Check back each week for new recipes featuring our favorite and most unique liqueurs from The Liquor Store of Jackson Hole’s incredibly diverse selection.

[Post courtesy of The Liquor Store Of Jackson Hole]

If you live in Jackson Hole and you ski, you might be sad to see this season end.

I know that riding up Thunder Lift on April 8th at 2pm, it was RPK3 and I was a mix of elated, “YES! It’s dumping!” and sad “Noooo, WHY!?!?” Not because I’m a sensitive, Sagittarius but because I love winter. I love floating on any number of sticks through wide open fields of powder. I love the quiet that comes over you when you are in the white room with the sound of joyful whooping echoing through the low visibility clouds and the view from the cave as people rocket down from above. And each of these above mentioned examples are still somewhat available once the lifts close but it’s now going to require a lot more sweat equity, Tram Bars, and a lot less Ullr.

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However, if you’re still stoked on celebrating the season by riding some edges and working for it, there is plenty of snow to be had in this damp, gray, dreary spring. When I think it’s too cold to climb out from under the covers as I contemplate watching the entire Game of Thrones series again, sticking on my skins, my newest favorite album and going up has completely helped my outlook this spring. And then– I get to come down. What a spring! I’ve had an entire mountain with six inches of fresh cream cheese all to myself, where I can open it up and watch the pup come tumbling after.

What’s waiting for me at the bottom? The best spring cocktail I can think of… one with beer! Topped with not only a nationally awarded beer but THE beer that won our recent March Beer Madness Competition here at TLSofJH!

The combination of a smooth, silky potato vodka owned by Channing Tatum (yum) and Grand Teton Distillery; Born & Bred (also, yum), Melvin Brewing’s citrusy, floral, and balanced IPA, Aperol, Lemonade and Fee Brother’s Grapefruit Bitters is the perfect drink for any spring day. Whether it’s pouring down rain or sunny and 50 degrees, this beverage is the perfect blend of a winter gone and a summer to look forward to. With the citrus hops, 7.5% ABV, and 80 IBU’s from the IPA floating on top, the balanced, creaminess of potato vodka, and the tang of fresh lemonade this cocktail will make things right no matter what the forecast is for the week.

Spring King


As always prepare your glass first. Fill a pint with ice and proceed to put all ingredients, except beer, in shaking tin. Shake vigorously until proper dilution and chilling has occurred. Pour over ice and top with Melvin IPA. Garnish with a whole lemon wheel.

—Jessa Talermo

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