VIDEO: Learn To Ski Hand Plant With Kalissa Lolos

VIDEO: Learn To Ski Hand Plant With Kalissa Lolos


VIDEO: Learn To Ski Hand Plant With Kalissa Lolos


“As skiers, it’s unnatural to use our hands because they are usually pretty busy holding those pole things. If you can commit however, Hand Plants are quite the show stopper but still a very difficult trick.”

Okay so you need a pretty specific tramp set up for this lesson to be applicable but seems like a fantastic way to spend an active afternoon. This was filmed with Kalissa Lolos up at Whistler Bounce Acrobatic Academy where sessions for adults start at $20.

Here’s the full breakdown from

Where Should I Start?

Start off by doing Donkey Kicks with just one hand planted on the ground. With the other, grab your ski just like you would for a Safety grab (because it is the easiest to commit to).

Tramp Ski Time!

Now that the Donkey Kicks are feeling easy it’s time to get on the tramp with the Tramp Skis.

  1. Start with your skis facing the edge of the tramp.
  2. Do small bounces close to the end of the tramp while making sure the nose of your skis clears the edge.
  3. Rock off the nose of your skis and jump forwards, lifting your skis up into the air and plant your hands along the side.
  4. Push off your hands to bring your feet back down to the tramp.

For your first few attempts start with your feet low. Once you are confident that you can support your body weight, you can raise the skis higher above your head and start further away from the side of the tramp.

On snow, you’ll have to be patient to clear the nose of your skis before you plant your hands.

Stepping It Up

Next, align yourself and the skis parallel to your hand plant feature. Jump sideways, plant one hand and lift your skis up so that you are in the Hand Plant position. Remember to start out kicking your legs low, but as you build confidence kick them higher and start going for that tweaked Safety.

You Got It!

Get creative and try some spins in and out for other variations as well! Keep in mind that because you are stationary on a trampoline, this trick will feel slightly different on snow. However, practicing this technique now helps prepare you to hold your body weight plus the weight of skis on your hands so that you only need to fine tweak it on the hill. Enjoy!

If you’re up in Whistler and looking for something to do off piste, check out the Whistler Bounce Acrobatic Academy for more info go HERE

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