An exclusive private ski resort in Dover Vermont has been forcefully shutdown  by the Department of Taxes because it wasn’t turning over the rooms, meals, and sales taxes it was collecting amounting to over $1 million.

Vermont Public Radio reports The Hermitage Ski Resort spokeswoman Meridith Dennes claims the company sorted out a temporary arrangement with the state that would allow them to operate this past weekend but they weren’t able to come up with the cash to keep up their end and were shutdown:

“Unfortunately, we were not able to make this payment as planned and have been ordered to remain closed for operations until it is paid. We are working diligently to secure the funds to allow us to open for this coming weekend.”

The Tax Department isn’t alone in trying to get whats owed by the luxury private ski resort, local contractors, the town of Wilmington, and the banks which financed the company’s development around the Deerfield Valley are all seeking remuneration and the pressure is building.

Berkshire Bank filed a foreclosure notice on The Hermitage in late February saying it defaulted in more than $16 million in loans.

Vermont Tax Commissioner Kaj Samsom sent state employees to post notices on the doors Monday afternoon halting operations and the company is not allowed to reopen until they start making payments to the tax department.  

Apparently The Hermitage Club’s social media isn’t really addressing the situation by posting this picture yesterday, possibly at the same time they were getting shutdown for not paying taxes. How pissed would you be if you were a member?

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