“It’s great skiing, but it reminds me of something that Buddy Werner used to say. He said there’s two places in the race, first and last, and I only want one of them.’’

Lindsey Vonn’s dad, Alan Kildow, had some choice words about her bronze medal performance in the women’s downhill Wednesday when he spoke with USA TODAY Sports. Simply stated he believes she wasn’t aggressive enough:

“She needed to go for it a little bit more. She needed to risk more. Just little, little spots. Just not quite risking enough. Not straightening the line out, just the ski was little … not quite carving in some places like it should have. But a great result. A great result.’’

Lindsey was much more positive about the results and expressed her pride in an Instagram post:

“After all of the horrific crashes and all of the surgeries, I took my tears of pain and turned them into tears of pure joy. It took me 8 years but i fought my way back and today bronze feels like gold.”

Good luck in the women’s combined Lindsey, no matter what the result you are an inspiration. Lindsey dedicated her hard fought bronze to her late grandfather:



images from uniorsport.ru & lindsey’s instagram

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