Photo (+Cover): PROMarcin Wichary

One fortunate SOB who lost $10,000 on the hill at Aspen Mountain is counting his lucky stars after a group of employees with Ski Co returned the lost sum later that day.

The Steamboat Today is reporting that the man has since found a new appreciation for his “part-time” home. After losing the wad of cash, the 80 year-old physician who wishes to remain anonymous said he was keeping the money on his person because he thought it might secure back at the St. Moritz Lodge. The lodge in question does not have safes available to its guests.

In the end Steve Schreiber, a ski instructor found the belt– although he never looked to see what was inside…

Later Schreiber would hand off the belt to a lifty, who would later pass it down the line to a ski patroller. The patroller, upon discovering the contents of the belt, was sent into a semi-panicked state but ultimately secured the contents in a patrol locker.

The icing on the cake? The anonymous physician knows the instructor who found his belt. In fact, they had spoken to each other the same day the money went missing. In the end, the anonymous skier hopes to give back somehow to those involved with finding his hard earned cash.

Find the entire Steamboat Today article here: Man skiing with $10,000 loses the money, then finds it on Aspen Mountain

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