Get Weird At These Quirky North American Ski Bars

Get Weird At These Quirky North American Ski Bars


Get Weird At These Quirky North American Ski Bars


Get to know your ‘Cuzzins’ from Vermont | Photo: dennis crowley | Cover: 

There’s nothing better than stumbling into a aprés spot and being totally blow away by the vibe. Whatever makes it ‘quirky’; be it colorful bathroom memorabilia or more, these bars will stand the test of time all thanks to their unique characters. If you ever visit one of these mountains and not the bar listed below, feel ashamed– feel very ashamed.

5) Powderkeg | Powder Mountain, UT

The Powder Keg is an aprés spot like you’ve never seen before. Being the only bar at Powder Mountain, locals and visitors alike pack the spot nightly to share tall-tales of faceshots and that “super deep” day back in 2011. They also regularly host live music. Just be aware that the show stops early on weekdays (*5pm).

Find out more here: Powder Keg Events

4) Cuzzins Bar & Grill | Mount Snow, VT

While most base area lodges/bars get gentrified beyond recognition, Cuzzins at Mount Snow continues to keep it real. This small(ish) bar lives near the base of the ski hill and if there’s a line to get in, it’s best to wait your turn. The vibe inside is one of the best ski scenes in the world as its diverse clientele from all over the eastern seaboard  fills the bar each afternoon. The people watching is all-time and when they don’t have a live act… Shit still gets weird.

Find out more here: Cuzzins Bar and Grill

3) Snowshoe Sam’s | Big White, BC

Recently voted the best aprés spot in Canada by Ski Canada Magazine, Snowshoe Sam’s continues to keep it local despite the good press. The bar itself is decorated with some pretty special memorabilia in addition to the watermarks of a good ski bum bar– darts, pool, and ping-pong. The only complaint seems to be that the bar is regularly packed and food service can be difficult when it’s damn near standing room only. That said, come for the food, stay for the party.

Find out more here: Snowshoe Sam’s 

2) The Bavarian | Taos, NM

Little did you know, New Mexico aprés can feel like you’ve just walked into an Oktoberfest event in Munich. The free-flowing beer, no holds bar vibe is alive and well at The Bavarian in Taos. Not only does the bar have one of the best decks in North America, if you’re into getting weird in lederhosen— the Bavarian is happy to oblige.

Find out more here: The Bavarian

1) The Sitzmark Bar & Grill | Alyeska, AK

Photo: The Sitzmark

The Sitzmark is easily the quirkiest ski bar in North America. Located in Girdwood, AK, this watering hole has played host to everyone from Bob Weir to your one man, local guitarist/folk singer. But what separates the Sitz isn’t its primetime live music schedule. What most people will notice is the stained glass on the ceiling, the ridiculous ski nostalgia on the walls and the laid back vibe that can only be found in the land of the midnight sun. GET WEIRD HERE.

Find out more here: The Sitzmark

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