Sochi Olympics, 2014 | Photo: Atos International | Cover: s.yume

The International Olympic Committee is currently weighing its options on whether they should prohibit Russia from competing in the 2018 Olympics reports USA Today.

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The potential exclusion stems from a 2016 report that revealed systematic, government sponsored cheating during the 2014 games in Sochi. The scheme included swapping out urine samples that were tainted by performance enhancing drugs. Some 1,000 athletes are reported to have participated in the doping program according to Richard McLaren, the lawyer behind the initial report. His report states that the doping program took place during the Sochi Olympics and involved swapping urine samples through a tiny hole in a testing lab’s wall.

The move to ban Russia from the Olympics is nothing new. Several olympic officials previously hoped a ban from the 2016 Olympic in Rio de Janeiro  was in the cards but they were left disappointed. Only the International Paralympic Committee stepped up to the plate and subsequently– no athletes from Russia were allowed to compete in Rio’s 2016 Paralympic Games.

The IOC says it is currently discussing disciplinary action that could include a temporary suspension from olympic competition.  Such a judgment is expected to follow a scheduled meeting of the IOC board, which will take place from December 5-7.

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Find the entire USA Today article here: IOC intends to decide in December on Russia’s participation in Pyeongchang Olympics

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