A New Tram And Bigger Parking Lots, Alta Ski Area Wants To Grow

A New Tram And Bigger Parking Lots, Alta Ski Area Wants To Grow


A New Tram And Bigger Parking Lots, Alta Ski Area Wants To Grow


The top of Sugarloaf | Photo: Sbvr6 | Cover: Barclay Idsal

  • New tram from Germania Pass to the top of Mt Baldy
  • Enhanced Gazex, avalanche mitigation equipment in Patsey Marley, Devil’s Castle areas
  • Replacement of the Wildcat Lift

Big proposals are coming down the pipe at Alta Ski Area, one of which would include building a tram to the top of Mt Baldy.

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According to the Salt Lake Tribune, those who don’t like the idea have until November 20th to make their voices heard. The expansive proposal doesn’t stop at a tram either. Other proposed improvements include expanding the Sunnyside/Albion parking area as well as updating the iconic fixed grip, Wildcat chair.

Collins lift line on a powder day | Photo: Barclay Idsal

Already this summer, they combined the Cecret and Supreme lifts to service a larger numbers of skiers in much less time. By adding a tram, resort officials are hoping to make avalanche mitigation a much safer and more efficient practice than it has been in years past.

“This [tram] would transport ski patrollers to near the top of the mountain to allow conventional explosive avalanche control work. The lift could also be used for skier access below the tram or in the east and west Mt. Baldy areas when conditions allowed. Skier compaction is also an effective tool in avalanche control. This would allow Alta to retire the 105mm Howitzer and two Avalaunchers that are currently used to do control work on Mt. Baldy.”

Other improvements include an expansion to Alf’s as well as building a new Flora lift that will take skiers from the Supreme side to the top of Collins Lift, a route that normally requires skating across a brutally windswept cat track.

Leave a comment on the project here: Alta Master Development Plan Improvement Projects

While we agree that parking is becoming a serious problem in LCC and that the Sunnyside parking lot could use a rethink, the tram is sure to raise some eyebrows with the Alta faithful.

What do you think?

Proposed Improvements:

  • Albion/Wildcat base parking.
  • Tram from Germania Pass to the top of Mt. Baldy.
  • GazEx or other equivalent technologies to replace artillery and avalauncher.
  • Replacement of Albion and Sunnyside lifts.
  • Replacement of Cecret and Supreme lifts.
  • Replacement of Wildcat lift.
  • Flora lift from bottom of Sugarbowl to the top of Collins lift.
  • Supreme terrain work.
  • Alf’s restaurant building addition.
  • Watson Shelter building addition.
  • Equipment storage facility.
  • Lake restoration at the top of Glory Hole.

Find all the proposals here: ALTA MDP IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS

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