Brazilian Pirates Kill Kayaker For Her GoPro & Belongings

Brazilian Pirates Kill Kayaker For Her GoPro & Belongings


Brazilian Pirates Kill Kayaker For Her GoPro & Belongings


A British woman who had previously become the sixth person to ski solo to the south pole has been murdered by what appear to be pirates on the upper reaches of the Amazon River in Brazil reports The Guardian.

Emma Kelty began her journey to kayak the entire length of the Amazon River back in February and had made considerable progress by early September. However, after crossing into the State of the Amazonas, things began to take a turn for the worst.

Between creepy encounters with machete wielding residents, Kelty paddled on expressing her wariness of her surroundings on social media. “Turned corner and found 50 guys in motor boats with arrows!!! My face must have been a picture!! (Town was uber quiet… too quiet!!). Ok 30 guys …. but either way… that’s a lot of folks in one area in boats with arrow and rifles”Β Ultimately she would send out a distress signal just days later, prompting authorities to begin searching for her whereabouts. She has yet to be found and is presumed dead.Β 

A 17 year-old suspect who has since been arrested told authorities that Kelty was shot for her belongings including a GoPro and later dumped into the river. The area in which Kelty sent a final distress signal is known for having pirates and drug traffickers.

*Our deepest condolences go out to the victim’s friends and family.

Find the entire Guardian article here:Β ‘I will have my boat stolen’: final days of British kayaker killed in Brazil

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