The official 2002 Winter Olympics Countdown Clock in downtown Salt Lake City | Photo: Mangoman88 | Cover: debaird

Following an olympics where it doesn’t snow (*Beijing 2022), two American cities are rumored to be positioning themselves for a 2026 Winter Olympic bid.

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Salt Lake City, which hosted the 2002 Winter Olympiad, and Denver are both reported to be in the initial stages of throwing their proverbial hats in the ring as potential venues for the 2026 games. The Vail Daily is reporting that a few unidentified individuals close to the city governments have said there are already talks happening behind closed doors concerning the possibility of bringing the winter olympics stateside prior to the 2028 summer olympics in Los Angeles, CA.

Salt Lake would be an easy bid for IOC officials to accept. For one, most of their Olympic facilities are up-to-date and the local government already has an intimate knowledge of what needs to happen infrastructure-wise prior to the games themselves. Denver on the other hand, might not be as good a candidate as some people might think. For one, the closest mountains capable of hosting olympic alpine skiing events are over an hour away and I-70 congestion would likely be a huge hinderance for those visiting. A decision is far from being made as Paris (2024) and Los Angeles (2026) will be announced formally as the upcoming summer olympic venues tomorrow.

Find the entire Vail Daily article here: Talk of Denver or Salt Lake City bidding on 2026 Winter Olympic Games

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