WATCH: Summer Explosives Work @ Waterville Valley's Green Peak

WATCH: Summer Explosives Work @ Waterville Valley's Green Peak


WATCH: Summer Explosives Work @ Waterville Valley's Green Peak


“Blasting the solid granite ledges on Green Peak Trails means trail grading is making huge headway and will make trails easier to groom and give us plenty of “natural features” like giant boulders to play with this winter!”

Excellent work by the Waterville Valley marketing department for sending a good filmer up to Green Peak to catch some their Phase II summer explosives work. Well done filmer dude…you were probably behind the edit which is on point too:

“The video really speaks for itself this week. Sometimes working in the summer is just plain awesome. Especially with so many huge projects going on across the resort. We have been spending a lot of time on Green Peak with blasting finishing up this week on Governors Run to complete grading. The rock drill that helped us set up the blasting zones is also being put to good use for the next few weeks drilling holes for brand new tower snow guns to be installed on Green Peak. Pipe is also continuing to be installed on Green Peak and we are starting to get really excited about winter and the prospect of playing on the product of all this hard work. Many more projects are taking off across the resort but for today, we are all pretty focused on the kaboom!”

Phase II Projects include:

  • Green Peak Expansion Completion
  • Snowmaking Upgrades
  • Multiple Lift Enhancements
  • Base Lodge Renovations
  • New Learners Area Experience
  • Nordic Terrain Improvements
  • Expanded Summer Offerings

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