Photo (+Cover): Hennie Murray

Hennie Murray was making his way home from Mt Hutt when an avalanche struck his car and covered the access road, stranding himself, those in his car, and 200 other guests at the New Zealand ski area.

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The slide nearly nudged Murray’s car over the edge of a steep embankment but stopped just short of what could have been a tragic outcome. According to, the car was damaged but crews were able to tow it back to the ski area parking lot. The avalanche was the result of new snow combined with gale force winds that created large, unstable wind slabs above the road.

Photo: Hennie Murray

After the incident, road crews were tasked with clearing the path and performing avalanche control work before letting the 200-some stranded persons go back down the road at roughly 730pm. Nobody was harmed in the avalanche.

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