“I found a park employee. I showed him this video, and he radioed the park police.”

UPDATE: Woman Defends Trespassing at Yellowstone After Online Video Goes Viral

A bit of bad behavior at our national parks was caught on video near the Fairy Falls trailhead in Yellowstone. According to nps.gov Yellowstone regulations page, “Traveling off boardwalks or designated trails in hydrothermal areas is prohibited.”A park employee was shown the video and he radioed the park police. No word if the tourists in question have suffered any repercussions.

*the comments on the youtube page are getting aggressive about the tourist’s country of origin and in this time of tension in our country we want to be crystal clear that we could care less about where you are visiting from, whether it be inside or outside the United States….our national parks are our national treasures and visitors foreign and domestic need to treat them utmost respect and reverence.



These regulations help us protect park resources while also providing you a safe and enjoyable experience. The following activities are prohibited in Yellowstone:

  • Willfully remaining near or approaching wildlife, including nesting birds, within any distance that disturbs or displaces the animal.
  • Feeding wildlife.
  • Traveling off boardwalks or designated trails in hydrothermal areas.
  • Throwing anything into thermal features.
  • Swimming in hot springs.
  • Removing or possessing natural or cultural resources (such as wildflowers, antlers, rocks, and arrowheads).
  • Leaving detachable side mirrors attached when not pulling trailers.
  • Traveling off-road by vehicle or bicycle.
  • Camping outside of designated areas.
  • Spotlighting wildlife (viewing with lights).
  • Imitating elk calls or using buglers. Imitating wolf howls.
  • Using electronic equipment capable of tracking wildlife
  • Launching, landing, or operating unmanned aircraft (drones) on lands and waters.
  • Smoking is prohibited in geyser basins or on trails. There is no smoking in buildings or within 25 feet of building entrances.

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