After launching its Fight the Man, Own the Mountain crowdfunding campaign, Red Mountain Resort is beginning to give rewards and equity shares to those willing to honor their previous financial pledges.

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Last year, the interior BC ski area launched its “Test The Waters” phase in which they gauged market interest through a series of crowdfunding pledges that didn’t require any upfront cash. Now, things get real.

“I just hope everyone in Canada will recognize that now is the time to make good on those pledges and invest real dollars, for real equity, in a resort that’s about as real as it gets.” – Howard Katkov, Red Mountain Resort CEO

Starting today, Canadians can make good on their pledges by committing cash via while residents of the United States will have to wait till November 2, 2017. Red Mountain CEO, Howard Katkov said that while the regulatory process will be delayed in the US, Americans need not fear of losing out on potential equity opportunities and/or resort perks. “People on both sides of the border will still have the same opportunities to invest and the same opportunity to reap the rewards.”

Potential rewards include lift tickets, exclusive access to on-mountain cabins, custom skis/snowboards, as well as proceeds from any future sale of the resort (*reserved only for the ‘Last In, First Out’ investors).

Find out what rewards/equity benefits exist: Investment Perks