Cover Image: Anthony Quintano | Image: Scott Beale

New Yorkers who use the Weather Channel app on their phones received an  alert of a Blizzard Watch for New York City on  Friday morning (July 28, 2017).

The alert sent out read, “Breaking News: Blizzard Watch for New York City Ahead of Winter Storm Jonas”.

An earlier notification claimed that a blizzard warning is also in effect for Philadelphia.

The Weather Channel admitted that the alerts were sent out in error and that New York will not be receiving a midsummer blizzard.

“A technical issue resurfaced several of the articles on which breaking news alerts were sent in the past few years, and you received them as if they were happening now,” an article on The Weather Channel website said. “We hope you noticed the dates didn’t match up, and wrote it off as an honest mistake.

“For any confusion that occurred, we sincerely apologize,” it continued. “Of course, we certainly appreciate all of your social media jokes that kept the mood light while we worked to fix the issue.”