This spring hasn’t been very good to the outdoor industry in Utah. Outdoor Retailer withdrew from Salt Lake after a two decade run and the secretary of the interior is now recommending the President downsize Bears Ears National Monument in the southern part of the state.

Thankfully, it’s not all environmental gloom and doom for the outdoor industry. After convincing Salt Lake County to help out financially, Park City officials are close to inking a deal that would keep development out of a popular backcountry skiing area known as Bonanza Flats.

The Salt Lake Tribune is reporting that a “collective effort” has raised some $38 million to protect the open space in Big Cottonwood Canyon from future development.

The fundraising help came mainly from the town of Park City but millions more were raised by grassroots and community organizations who put their money where their mouth is. Still, nothing is final until the budget gets approved by the county on June 20th. But with most republicans supporting the measure– many experts think the funds will be allocated to the Bonanza Flats purchase without interruption.

Find the entire Salt Lake Tribune article here: Park City says $1.5 million pledge from Salt Lake County will preserve Bonanza Flat

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