Ski Areas Are OPEN On Six Continents This Weekend

Ski Areas Are OPEN On Six Continents This Weekend


Ski Areas Are OPEN On Six Continents This Weekend


Image: Tiffindell

With this weekend’s opening of Southern Africa’s two ski areas, Afriski and Tiffindell, skiers will be sliding down the slopes at ski resorts on six different continents.  Following what the African media is reporting as “the mother of all storms” or “the storm of the decade” Africa will enjoy a solid start to it’s second winter of the year (Africa exists in both the northern and southern hemispheres).

In Europe, a handful of ski areas are still open which will be joined by Val d’Isere who open for their summer glacier season this weekend.

Spectator viewing position: Below Twinlakes Headwall @ Beartooth Basin

North America still has seven ski areas open including: Timberline Lodge, Mammoth Mountain, Squaw Valley, Beartooth Basin, Mammoth, Arapahoe Basin, Snowbird, and Whister Blackcomb which reopens this weekend.

Asia made the list thanks to Gassan in Japan. Gassan gets so much snow that the  mountain usually is not fully accessible until April, when its six miles of runs and lone double chairlift (and two T-bars) finally open for the summer season.

Image: La Parva, Chile

South America kicked off their season last month with the opening of La Parva.

Down Under is off to a great start to their ski season with ski resorts open in both Australia and New Zealand.

More ski areas are scheduled to open over this weekend including Mt Hutt in New Zealand, Falls Creek in New Zealand and Las Lenas in Argentina – all reporting fresh snow.


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