A 101-year-old man has set a world record for oldest skydiver, according to the British company Skydive Buzz.

Bryson William Verdun Hayes, known as Verdun, made a tandem jump at the age of 101 years and 38 days, the company says.

“Verdun Hayes World Record – Huge CONGRATULATIONS to Verdun Hayes who is 101 years and 38 days old and did his Second tandem skydive on Sunday the 14th of May 2017. Verdun jumped at Skydive.Buzz Ltd in Devon and became the oldest skydiver in the World. Verdun raised money for the Royal British Legion. Verdun did his Tandem with 3 other family members, making this an experience of 4 Generations! He was taken on the jump by the most experienced instructor at Skydive.Buzz with over 10,000 jumps, Jason Farrant.”

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