With an interior designed to mimmic an ice cave and an exterior celebrating one of Iceland’s most iconic natural features, The Vatnajökull aircraft is sure to bring a smile to any winter lover’s face. Here’s a bit about the glacier that inspired the exterior:

“Even if you have lived in Iceland your whole life, the wonders of Vatnajökull never cease to amaze and enthrall. The largest glacier in Europe tumbles down the highest mountain ridge in Iceland in tremendous icefalls, just above the Southeast part of Route one.

The ice giant covers 8% of Iceland and is 1000 meters thick at its thickest. That equals 30 m of ice evenly spread over all of Iceland – but we are in fact quite happy to keep it where it is. The Icelandic climate can be challenging enough without adding dozens of meters of ice on top of us.

Ice, water, and tectonic plate movements have shaped Vatnajökull’s surrounding landscape over millennia. Today, the whole area forms Europe´s largest natural reserve, The Vatnajökull National Park.”

Four airbrush artists, twenty-one assistants, 590 square meters of canvas and 1000 liters of paint were used to create this one of a kind aircraft and thats just the outside:

“The whole interior is inspired by an ice cave. The dominant colors are turquoise and sapphire blue, and a specially designed LED lighting and a glacier soundtrack create the right atmosphere. When you step on board it is virtually like entering the belly of the glacier. But don’t worry. The service is as warm as ever.”


[images icelandair.us]

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