ARCTIC MAN 2017: Towing a Skier Behind a Snowmobile at 90mph

ARCTIC MAN 2017: Towing a Skier Behind a Snowmobile at 90mph


ARCTIC MAN 2017: Towing a Skier Behind a Snowmobile at 90mph


“It’s a three and half minute race with two days of training and you walk away with 30 grand.” Race Director Howie Thies 

Looks like Arctic Man 2017 went down quite smoothly despite sub-optimal conditions. This is what race director Howie Thies had to say about this year’s event:

“Here is a huge Thank you to all race spectators, race teams and sponsors for attending and being part of the 2017 –  32nd ANNIVERSARY of Arctic Man.  Every year Mother Nature puts this event to the test;  no snow, too much snow, cold weather, it is always something different. I say for the 32 years I have been proud to help make this race happen 2017 will go down in the BOOKS as a HUGE CHALLENGE. We had very little snow in some sections and ice and water on the course. But with patience and hard work Allen Echols and Russ, the Cat operators and the Great Pisten Bulley – made it happen (quote: ” we took Chicken Crap and made it into CHICKEN EATABLE SOUP”).

So I want to thank all the volunteers who helped with fences, gates and cut twigs from the course and marshal the event.  THANK YOU!!!!”

Cat operators have dirty mouths but speak the truth. If you don’t know about Arctic Man, here’s a brief description from their website to get you up to speed:

“The Arctic Man is a race for teams of two skilled competitors that tests the strength of an athlete and the horsepower of a snowmobile. Courage and training are essential elements of this team of snowmobile and skier.

The Arctic Man is one of the World’s Toughest Downhill Ski races, and an exciting snowmobile race, all in one. The skier begins at a summit elevation of 5,800 feet and drops 1700 feet in less than two mile to the bottom of a narrow canyon where he meets up with his snowmobiling partner.

The snowmobiler meets the skier, on the go, with a tow rope and pulls the skier 2 1/4 miles uphill at top speeds of up to 86 mph. The skier and the snowmobile then separate and the skier goes over the side of the second mountain and drops another 1200 feet to the finish line.

At the Arctic Man you “GO FAST or GO HOME”

Truly the Ultimate Adrenaline Rush for spectators and competitors alike.

Last year approximately 13,000 spectators came from around the nation as well as different countries around the world to enjoy this spectacular Alaskan event.  The area the race is held is some the of the best snowmachine riding country in the world.  The snowcapped peaks and beauty make this spring event one that you will treasure for a lifetime.”

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