WATCH: Whippets Make Incredible MTB Trail Dogs

WATCH: Whippets Make Incredible MTB Trail Dogs


WATCH: Whippets Make Incredible MTB Trail Dogs


This video comes with a tragic backstory as the featured rider, Kelly McGarry, passed away last year. The folks with the footage didn’t know if they should publish but after talking with his close friends they knew what to do:

“Anyone lucky enough to interact with Kelly McGarry was instantly struck by his good natured personality and ability to make you feel like an old friend within minutes of meeting him. We at ODI were fortunate to have been able to work with Kelly over the past few years and were ecstatic when Kelly approached us about doing an edit with his beloved dog Tui. After his tragic passing we were torn on what to do with this footage. Upon consulting those closest to him we decided that it was best to release this edit both as a fitting tribute to a great person and as a reminder to enjoy the ride of life.”

Cheers to the life and times of Kelly McGarry. It really says something about him that his closest confidants wanted this to be released as a tribute to an amazing human being.

If you would like to make a contribution to charities set up to honor his legacy please visit his or

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