A new study completed by researchers from The University Of California, Davis and Duke have found that people who smoke weed regularly are more likely to have relationship problems and were relegated to a lower socioeconomic class because of their addiction to herb.

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In lamens terms– marijuana users are more likely to become losers and live in a van down by the river. The long-term research study tracked regular users (*4 or more times a week) from birth until the age 38. The research indicates that persistent use exacerbates real life problems. The study also accounted for various environmental variables such as socioeconomic position at birth, past criminal convictions, and mental illness among many others.

“Our study found that regular cannabis users experienced downward social mobility and more financial problems such as troubles with debt and cash flow than those who did not report such persistent use.” – Lead Researcher, Magdalena Cerda

Lead researcher, Magdalena Cerda said their team of researchers accounted for these variables and found that the majority of lifestyle problems stemmed from perpetual use– not because the subject had a criminal record tied to Cannabis or another reason.

But what about booze? Isn’t smoking marijuana regularly better than drinking a twelve pack each night?

Terrie Moffitt from Duke University says it depends. “Cannabis may be safer than alcohol for your health, but not for your finances,”

Find the entire study here: Heavy, persistent pot use linked to economic and social problems at midlife

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