Questions raised after Man Revives ‘Almost Lifeless’ Bear Cub

Questions raised after Man Revives ‘Almost Lifeless’ Bear Cub


Questions raised after Man Revives ‘Almost Lifeless’ Bear Cub


Wait– it’s only April. If history is any indication, human beings shouldn’t be meddling with wildlife until school lets out and busloads of kids and their parents arrive in Yellowstone sometime in June.

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No matter– one man recently recovered an ailing bear cub near the Santiam River in Oregon and reportedly saved its life. According to the OregonianCorey Hancock was returning from a hike when he discovered the animal, which he said was barely moving and showed little if any signs of life. 

He proceeded to wrap the bear up in a flannel, gave it a few “little rescue puffs,” and transported it to the Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center. Once there, the bear was treated for hypothermia, dehydration, and pneumonia and has since survived the ordeal.

The bear has since been named “Elkhorn” and is becoming somewhat of a cult figure amongst those who just can’t help but want to cuddle with this fuzzy wittle bear.

Following the rescue, numerous people are speaking against and in favor of Hancock’s actions. Wildlife experts denounced his actions and suggest this type of action can do more to endanger animals than save them. On the other hand, those who see the bear cub as just a fuzzy plaything– stoked.

Corey Hancock has since met with officials from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and explained on his Facebook page why one should never interfere with natural processes. He applauded the ODFW’s actions saying, “Everyone at ODFW has been great to me and have kept Elkhorn’s best interests in mind through the entire process which has resulted in his relocation to PAWS in northern Washington.”

Find the entire Oregonian article here: Oregon man finds ‘dying’ bear cub while hiking, brings it to wildlife rehab center

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