5 Ways To Keep The Ski Stoke Flowing Through Spring...

5 Ways To Keep The Ski Stoke Flowing Through Spring...


5 Ways To Keep The Ski Stoke Flowing Through Spring...


Corn harvest in full effect | Photo: Klaus Krumböck | Cover Photo: Geoff Stearns

As the valley’s predominant color changes from white to brown, getting oneself out of bed to go skiing is getting harder and harder.

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Simply put, putting one’s feet in 130-flex ski boots when it’s 50° outside is not that enjoyable. But with a few spring adjustments and possibly a new pair of skis, skiers will immediately find themselves rediscovering their love for the best sport in the entire world (*hyperbole intended).

Buy some race and/or park skis

Sometimes there’s nothing like a little retail therapy to get the stoke back up. For the aging crowd or former ski racer, this might mean picking up a pair of GS skis that can arc at speed through soft, spring snow. For the younger crowd and older park rats, this might mean picking up a pair of park skis that aren’t scared of rails or melted out lines through the grass.

Race Skis: Dyanstar Speed Team R20 Pro GS

Park Skis: Line Afterbang Skis

Skiing untracked corn is almost as good as skiing powder

Frederick Reimers skiing primetime corn | Photo: Barclay Idsal/Unofficial Networks

No. We won’t say that skiing corn is as good as skiing powder but it’s damn close. Look at your local forecast with high and low temps in mind. For ideal corn skiing look for a high of 40-45°F and a low of 20-28°F with sunny skies.

Build a wiggle

The wiggle down Rendevous Bowl @JacksonHole | Photo: Eric Seymour/JHMR

Wiggles are growing rapidly in popularity and we need more troops to help lay down these rad bobsled tracks for the skiing public. Get the gang together, pick a line just off the groomed slope (preferably underneath the chairlift), and start making synchronized turns to form a long, snake-like wiggle down the slope. Afterwards, sit back and watch the carnage.

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Finally nail that trick

Always wanted to land a “5?” or a laid out backy? Spring park sessions are primetime to dial in the park game as the landings are soft and there’s no powder to ski anyway…

Get in hiking shape

Time to get on the bootpack. | Photo: Barclay Idsal/Unofficial Networks

Once the mountain closes, it’s time to start walking uphill. In anticipation of this change, use the lifts to eliminate any approach and start hitting up all the inbounds hike-to’s– all the while getting those legs ready for your big springtime objective.

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