Utah Lowers Blood Alcohol Limit For DUI To .05%

Utah Lowers Blood Alcohol Limit For DUI To .05%


Utah Lowers Blood Alcohol Limit For DUI To .05%


One high alcohol content brewski could land you in the DUI club | Photo: Sébastien Launay | Cover Photo: Phil Whitehouse

Utah is breaking with the rest of the country by lowering the bar for what constitutes drunk driving reports NPR.

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Utah Governor Gary Herbert signed off on the bill, which will require drinkers to keep their BAC below .05 percent (*.08 is the national standard) while operating a motor vehicle. The law also extends to those who like to exercise their “open carry” rights concerning their firearms.

Since the bill’s announcement, thousands of Utahns have spoken up against the new baseline, saying it will inundate jails across the state with people who were arrested for drinking a single beer– then driving. The law would also hurt the tourism and the food service industries. However, with strong support from the Mormon community, it’s likely the bill will stay in place, albeit with some minor changes.

Find the entire NPR article here: Utah Cuts DUI Alcohol Limit To Lowest Level In U.S.; Law Also Affects Gun Owners

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