Ethical Questions Arise From Republican Governor's Ski Tweet

Ethical Questions Arise From Republican Governor's Ski Tweet


Ethical Questions Arise From Republican Governor's Ski Tweet


Waterville Valley, NH | Photo:Payton 

A government official tweeting promotional language for his own business interests has come under fire from state Democrats who have since filed an ethical complaint with the Executive Branch Ethics Committee.

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According to the Portland Press Herald, the complaint comes after New Hampshire governor, Chris Sununu promoted Waterville Valley, tweeting “Great to be back at @waterville enjoying the best snow NH has to offer.” Sununu previously served as the CEO of Waterville Valley before he was elected governor, at which point he resigned from his position at the ski area. Members of his family continue to have vested interest in the ski area.

In their filing, democrats claim the governor used his position to positively impact his family’s interests in a competitive industry that generates nearly $1.1 billion dollars annually according to a 2013 study. The filing claims Sununu used the office of Governor to “promote Waterville Valley by name, to the exclusion of all other ski areas.” 

The tweet could be a serious offense and has since been compared to the now infamous promotion of Ivanka Trump’s fashion brand by Whitehouse Spokesperson, Kellyanne Conway. But in defense of Governor Sununu, Waterville Valley is boasting one of the best and deepest snowpacks in New Hampshire with a depth of 48.” Just sayin…

Find the entire Portland Press Herald article here: N.H. Democrats file ethics complaint over governor’s skiing tweet

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