Woman Sues Snowboarder Following Crash @Vail

Woman Sues Snowboarder Following Crash @Vail


Woman Sues Snowboarder Following Crash @Vail


Grooming on Blue Sky Basin | Photo:

Grooming on Blue Sky Basin | Photo: Zach Dischner | Cover Photo: Miguel Vieira

A Pennsylvania snowboarder is currently the subject of a California woman’s lawsuit after his reckless riding @Vail caused a crash that resulted in multiple broken bones reports The Denver Post.

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The victim, Hsu Chiang Chou suffered a broken collarbone as well as multiple broken ribs in the January 17th crash and has since filed suit in a Denver-based court. The lawsuit alleges that Philio Moroco II of Pennsylvania was snowboarding recklessly on The Star Trail when he hit Hsu Chou from behind. The husband of Hsu Chou was witnessed the entire crash according to the lawsuit.

Documents filed in the lawsuit claim, “[the] defendant, as the uphill and overtaking skier, had the primary duty to avoid skiers below.” The cause of the crash is being tied to negligence on the part of Moroco.

Find the entire Denver Post article here: Skier injured on intermediate run at Vail sues “negligent” snowboarder

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