Officials Declare 'State Of Emergency' For Teton Village (Jackson Hole)

Officials Declare 'State Of Emergency' For Teton Village (Jackson Hole)

Jackson Hole

Officials Declare 'State Of Emergency' For Teton Village (Jackson Hole)



The damage done | Photo (+Cover Photo): Lance Koudele

Officials with the Teton County commission have put Teton Village under a State Of Emergency after a fierce winter storm blew down 17 transmission towers, leaving Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and its surrounding communities without power reports The Jackson Hole News and Guide.

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The decision came during an emergency meeting on Wednesday night and the State Of Emergency is projected to last till Monday.

“Given the weather forecast and the potential for the weather to destabilize the situation, there was certainly a high likelihood that the situation would get worse if roads were closed and citizens impacted by the power outage were not able to get more resources.” – Teton County Commission Chairman, Mark Newcomb (*Quote courtesy of the Jackson Hole News and Guide)

Teton County officials indicated that the declaration is meant to inform those planning on visiting Teton Village rather than to secure funds from local and state coffers. Above all, the move allows local officials to change policy in order to create sensical contingency plans while work crews work towards reestablishing power to the affected area. The commission is set to vote on the finalized order on Friday.

Find the entire Jackson Hole News and Guide article here: County declares state of emergency for Teton Village area

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