Avalanche Danger Forces Arapahoe Basin To Evacuate Ski Area

Avalanche Danger Forces Arapahoe Basin To Evacuate Ski Area


Avalanche Danger Forces Arapahoe Basin To Evacuate Ski Area


A-basinAt 1:00 p.m. this afternoon Arapahoe Basin Ski Area was forced to evacuate the ski area due to extremely high avalanche danger. The announcement comes on the heels of a number of Colorado ski resorts closing down due to absurd snowfall totals.

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The call was made due to the threat of avalanche activity on Loveland Pass and the concern over road conditions. 

Official Statement From A-Basin’s Blog:

Ski Area Closed Today at 1 PM

“With 15 inches new today and 11 new yesterday the skiing is phenomenal. I had just finished getting a bunch of face shots in Long Chute when Tony C called me on the radio asking for a phone call with that very serious and heavy tone in his voice. Some tremendous avalanches have been occurring near us. Both CDOT and CAIC had very significant concerns about avalanche paths along Highway 6. In fact Highway 6 is now closed between Keystone and Loveland Ski Areas. Considering the very serious concerns about travelling down the highway, we made the decision to close and get our guests and employees off the hill as soon as we could.

This morning at the ski area, our Ski Patrol did substantial mitigation work. We had a phenomenal day of skiing and riding. This closure is about getting people off the highway and home to safety.

We don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow just yet. A few essential A-Basin personnel will stay at the ski area tonight and we will work closely with both CDOT land CAIC to make sure appropriate actions happen along the highway. Our snow safety safety team will be all over the hill tomorrow. I will update my blog and we will update the website as the situation develops.
…….And uphill access is closed.”

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