“With world-patented technology, Gripforce can transform from a boot into an ice-cleat with the flip of a switch.”

 If you spend your winters slipping around the driveway and are too lazy to attach those rubber spike outer sole things they sell at the hardware store, you may be interested in this clever little advancement in footwear.
 Gripforce boots are the brainchild of Swedish inventor, Bertil Sjösvärd.  He wanted to create a product that would prevent slip and fall injuries without leaving your shoes looking like “huge yeti foot.” After years of R&D, Bertil has finally gone public with his innovative design.  The Gripforce, a boot with convertible soles and retractable studs. Simply flip a switch on the side of the boot and you can go from pristine wooden floors to the slickest patch of ice and never loose your footing:
 With a convertible sole and retractable studs, the patented Gripforce technology can transform a boot into an ice cleat in less than a second, simply, with the flip of a switch. This advanced functionality is disguised on the inside of the sole, creating a discreet boot tailored for every, and any, occasion. A Nordic innovation, engineered from our unwavering expertise of extreme weather conditions.  
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Its difficult to break into the footwear business (tough to trust your feet to a tiny Swedish startup) so the kickstarter campaign explains a lot about warranty (all manufacturing and material defects for one year from the date of purchase), design, materials, and manufacturing. Its actually a pretty interested read. To learn more go HERE.


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