Utah's Newest/Biggest Resort Opening This Season

Utah's Newest/Biggest Resort Opening This Season


Utah's Newest/Biggest Resort Opening This Season


screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-8-23-57-am“You could take seven Powder Mountains and they’d all fit in our terrain.” -Marshall McGonegal

Whisper Ridge isn’t your average ski resort in many respects.  It features zero lifts, zero lodges, and zero season passes…just 110 square miles of pristine Utah backcountry access.

The resort located 60 minutes north of Salt Lake City International Airport boasts 30,000 acres of private ski terrain, 8 custom PistenBully snowcats, a helicopter and 10 mountain-top yurts. If you’re looking for some solitude on your next ski adventure you might want to give Whisper Ridge as a winter destination.


Whisper Ridge PR Manager, Marshall McGonegal, spoke with The Standard Examiner had this to say about the sheer amount of terrain the resort has to offer:

“What I’ve heard from people who did test runs last year is there’s tons of terrain with different pitches that can be super fun. But … they have so much land, and they haven’t even touched half of it to know just how great it could even become.”

Sounds great but it comes at a price: A single day of cat-skiing starts at $450. If you want to spend the night in one of their swanky yurts, you’re looking at $775 but that includes amenities like food cooked by a five-star chef, infrared sauna, and a wood fired hot tub.

431b36e6-7dce-4d6a-97b2-edc2c85546a4The area has an average 3,300-foot drop and snowfall on average is 330 inches in the last few years so you will most likely get your money’s worth if you choose to pony up the dough.

Best of luck to Whisper Ridge, hope you have an excellent inaugural season!



Find out more here: Whisper Ridge Utah

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