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In a story that is more akin to a b-rate suspense movie than real life, one British ski instructor is facing murder charges after a mess of love affairs resulted in one grisly murder reports The Daily Mail.

  • Prosecutors believe that 35 year-old ski instructor Sarah Williams killed longtime love rival Sadie Hartley out of jealousy.
  • Williams had been having an affair with Ms. Hartley’s longtime partner and ski instructor, Ian Johnstone

According to court documents, 35 year-old ski instructor Sarah Williams admitted to having a sexual relationship with fellow ski instructor, Ian Johnstone before his longtime partner, Sadie Hartley was stabbed to death. According to the prosecution, Williams was so distraught after Johnstone refused to leave Ms. Hartley that she proceeded to execute a carefully planned murder that included stunning her victim with a 500,000 volt stun gun before brutally stabbing her to death.

While Williams denies those charges, a jury is looking into nearly 4 of Williams’ affairs and the picture is anything but pretty. Court testimony indicated that Williams had been in a long-term relationship with a 75 year-old married father, whom she referred to as her “Sugar Daddy” while also having an affair with Johnstone. Turns out, the sugar daddy in question is only one of four affairs in which Williams has participated in the last four years. She is said to have had sexual relations with a marriThai martial arts gym owner as well as another ski instructor named Andy Poole.

Williams denies her active role in the murder of Sadie Hartley and instead says the evidence points to her alleged accomplice, 56 year-old Katrina Walsh. A verdict is expected sometime next week.

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