10 Simple Hacks That Will Save Your Camping Trip

10 Simple Hacks That Will Save Your Camping Trip


10 Simple Hacks That Will Save Your Camping Trip


With car camping season in full swing, it’s good to know that not everything needs an REI logo and $69.99 price tag attached. With a little McGyver know-how, campers can survive easily without portable LED lamps, egg containers, or rechargeable vaporizers.

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Unofficial’s 10 Must Know Camping Hacks

10) Duct Tape Water Bottle

Whether it’s an emergency situation or you need a coozie, duct tape is a crucial part of any camper’s arsenal. Make it easier on yourself by eliminating the negative space and wrapping your duct tape around a water bottle.

9) Gallon Water Jug + Headlight = Makeshift Lamp

This one is really slick and while hanging headlamps in trees is cool– having a water gallon lamp on the kitchen table is nothing short of a life saver.

8) Eggs In A Bottle

For some reason every outdoor shop has plastic egg holders that promise to keep your eggs from breaking. But why even bother with breaking eggs at camp when you can bottle egg yolks and put them in the cooler. Seems like a no-brainer to us.

7) Empty Laundry Detergent Dispenser = Portable Hand Washing Station

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: greatwildoutdoors.com

Another great hack. Nothing like keeping the hands clean at camp.

6) Doritos Are Great Kindling

Yeah, it’s weird.

5) Vinacafé Vietnamese Coffee Packets


This obscure item is a necessity once you’ve had it. Perfect for backcountry coffee, Vinacafé already includes cream and sugar– just make sure you’ve got an escape plan.

4) Apple Pipe

No explanation needed.

3) Gallon Ice Cubes

Photo Credit: CampingBlogger.net

Photo Credit: CampingBlogger.net

Forget messy bags of ice. Simply freeze a few gallons of water and voila– massive ice cubes. This method will leave your food cold and more importantly– dry.

2) Egg carton filled with match light charcoal = Ultimate Firestarter

Instead of bringing an egg carton filled with eggs (see #8), put match-light charcoals pieces in their place. The result? One really easy way to get the fire going.

1) Hand warmer wrapped in a sock for cold mornings. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 4.41.22 PM

Nothing is worse than waking up cold on a camping trip. In order to remedy this issue, grab a hand warmer, shake it up, and place it in a sock before throwing into your sleeping bag.

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