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On July 24th, 1849, Brigham Young and his followers settled the Salt Lake Valley beneath the glorious peaks of the Wasatch.

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167 years later, Utah’s Pioneer Day is the only state-sponsored Mormon holiday in the United States. Each year on July 24th Utah residents celebrate their Mormon heritage with parades and festivities.

Here are 10 Things you didn’t know about your Mormon neighbors

10) Mormons wear special underwear that reminds followers of their covenant with God.

Temple Garment | Photo Credit:
Temple Garment | Photo Credit: Duke53

9) Mormons follow a diet they refer to as “The Word Of Wisdom.” Alcohol, tobacco, coffee, and tea are forbidden.

8) The LDS excluded African-Americans from the priesthood until 1978.

7) Mormon founder, Joseph Smith believed God was a normal human being, who at some point lived on earth.

6) The Mormon church abandoned polygamy in 1890.

Polygamy Porter | Photo Credit:
Polygamy Porter | Photo Credit: Wasatch Brewery

5) Eden is believed to have existed in Jackson County, Missouri.

4) The Beehive is a primary Mormon symbol that represents, “industry, harmony, order and frugality of the people, and of the sweet results of their toil, union and intelligent cooperation.”

3) Mormon temples are generally closed to the public.

Salt Lake City Temple circa 1897 | Photo Credit:
Salt Lake City Temple circa 1897 | Photo Credit: Horace Swartley Poley

2) Mormons do not report the church’s finances.

1) Monday’s are normally designated as “family home evenings,” when Morman families play cards, board games, and read scripture.