Cavehill Country Park | Photo Credit:
Cavehill Country Park | Photo Credit: Ross | Cover Photo: Alan Mckinstry

Earlier this summer, someone planted upright nails at a popular mountain biking destination southwest of Denver and that was just the beginning. Just days later, snare wires were discovered on several MTB trails across Massacussets. Now the mountain bike hatred is headed overseas, where one rider is reporting to have found fishing line booby traps strung between trees on a singletrack trail in Northern Ireland.

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According to, Bernard McClure was taking his dog for a stroll at Cavehill Country Park when he stumbled upon a fishing line strung across one of the area’s main trails.

While you’d have to be going pretty fast for the line to cut into skin, the wire could most definitely knock someone clean off their bike. Cavehill Country Park is one of the most popular mountain biking spots in northern Ireland and police are currently on the lookout for the culprits responsible for the mountain bike booby traps.

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