La Plagne in the summer | Photo Credit:
La Plagne in the summer | Photo Credit: Cevenol2 | Cover Photo: Maxime Bonzi

While France reels from the terrorist attack in Nice last week, another despicably violent act has reared its head in the heart of the southern alps.

According to the Washington Times, a man of Moroccan descent stabbed a woman and her three daughters with a knife at a ski resort near Laragne-Monteglin in the Haute-Alpes region of the French alps on Tuesday morning. The victims include a 46 year-old mother and her 8, 12, and 14 year-old daughters. They were reportedly eating breakfast when the attack occurred.

The four victims are expected to recover from non-life threatening injuries.

French television channel, TF1 reported that the attack may have been spurred by religious motives but one Gap prosecutor denied those claims as simply rumor. That rumor seems to have originated from the Associated Press who allegedly misquoted deputy mayor of Laragne-Monteglin, Jean-Marc Duprat. The AP quoted Duprat as saying the attack was sparked by the women who were “scantily dressed” at the time of the attack. So far the motive for the attack in unclear.

Find the entire Washinton Times article here: Man at Alps resort stabs woman, her 3 daughters, possibly for ‘religious motives,’ authorities say

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